Xiaomi Mi3 has been a runaway success in the Indian market, with over 35,000 pieces already sold and about 100,000 more aspiring to get one on each sale. Apart from the fact that you don’t get a Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor anywhere else for less than Rs. 30,000, there’s one hidden goodie that Xiaomi Mi3 offers. If you own a Xiaomi Mi3, then rooting it, unlike most other Android phones, won’t void your manufacturer warranty!

Without wasting much time, let’s jump straight into the rooting of your Xiaomi Mi3 !


  1. Download this update.zip file from Dev-host. Transfer this zip file to the root of your Xiaomi Mi3’s sd card. (The root of your sd card, means in your sd card, but outside any folders.)
  2. Now open the updater application on your phone . In there, go to Menu > Select update package and then select the update.zip you transferred to the phone in step 2 and press the update button.
  3. The phone would now show a confirmation message asking you to confirm whether you want to reboot your phone to complete the update. Press the reboot now option.
  4. Once the reboot completes, open the security app. Then, select the permissions option, then Root permission and then enable the root permissions from there.
  5. Download any root only app form the Play Store to confirm that your phone is now rooted.
That is it. Following this guide, it would hardly take 5 minutes to root your Xiaomi Mi3.
If you have any problems rooting your Xiaomi Mi3 , do let us know to get it resolved!