Its been a while since motorola has released the 5.0.2 soak test update. The public release was scheduled sometime after the soak test, but it actually took quite a time. The problem behind the delay is unknown. But, anyways, now, when the final public release of android lollipop 5.1 for the moto e is out, let me actually show you how to manually do the update. The update process is a little bit tricky, but is of zero risk. So, anybody can apply the update but he needs to read the steps properly otherwise he might run into trouble.

Notes –

  • Make sure that you have atleast 50% battery before applying the update.
  • Make a backup of all your apps and data before applying the update.

Method 1 – (For stock users)

  1. Make sure that you are running completely stock version of android before applying the update. Do not try to apply the update with custom recoveries as it may hardbrick your device.
  2. If you are running any kind of custom recovery, rom or kernel, you can downgrade to 4.4.4 by following my guide here or follow the method 2.
  3. There are two soak test updates which you need to apply before applying this 5.1 update.
  4. The first soak test update can be applied from here. If you have already applied that update, you can skip this step. You can confirm the update version by going into settings-> about phone and check if the system version is 22.21.32 only.
  5. Now, you need apply the second soak test update. This update is just 13mbs. You can download the 2nd update from here.
  6. After the update is downloaded, you need to copy the update file in your sd card. Now go into settings -> about phone -> system updates. Your system will detect the update and install it.
  7. Now, you should be running on system version 22.31.36.
  8. After successfully upgrading to both the soak tests, download the 5.1 update from here and copy it onto your sd card. Now, you need to apply the 5.1 update by using the same method.
  9. Go into settings -> about phone -> system updates. You system will detect the update and install it.
  10. Now, your new system version will be 23.21.34 which means you are running android version 5.1 on your moto e.

Method 2 – (For custom users)

  1. If you are running a custom recovery and you don’t want to loose it, i’ll provide a twrp backup of the official 5.1 update.
  2. Download the rar file from here and extract it onto on your computer.
  3. Now, copy the twrp folder from the extracted file and paste it in the sd card of your phone.
  4. Now, boot into twrp recovery and do a factory data reset. After the reset, tap on restore and choose the twrp backup from your sd card. Make sure that you are restoring both system and boot partitions.
  5. After the restore, reboot into system. The first boot will take a lot of time. So, don’t panic and just wait and watch.

Congratulations! You’ve got Lollipop 5.1 public release on your Moto E! I guess this is the first guide out there. So if you find it useful, then do check us out on Facebook and Twitter. Also, if you face any problems while applying the update, then feel free to ask it in the comments section below.

  • sahil

    BT after updating also its showing the same version as it was showing in 5.0.2

    • Himanshu

      i think you have not applied the 5.1 update.

      • Shreyas

        First u should have 22.21.32. Update installed and den 22.21.36 den. Last u can update to 23.21.34. Means 5.1 update

      • Pratik Vaishnav

        Himanshu…after i updated my moto e to 5.1 icant lock my apps with any of applocker…what should i do???

  • Altamash1997


    • Himanshu

      Firstly, 4.4.4 is a downgrade process. I myself have followed the whole procedure to downgrade my moto e to 4.4.4 and then upgrade to 5.1. I didn’t faced any kind of problems.

      • vishal

        Can i update 5.1 lollipop successfully if i update my moto e to 5.0.2

  • Soumojit Mandal

    hey while updating the second soak tets it is showing error and my phone is not starting. plz help me

    • Himanshu

      What type of error? If you’ll provide a screenshot, i might be able to solve this quickly.

      • Soumojit Mandal

        aree it has shown error while upgrading then it restarted and then my phone is not starting

      • Soumojit Mandal

        my phone is not starting at all .. it has shown error whilw upgrading .. and from is not starting

  • Himanshu

    Guys, i have simplified the method by renaming the update file and uploading it to my account.

    • Vikas Sahani

      In which account. Himanshu I have one problem after updated my moto e to 5.02 now my system version is 22.27.1.but now my phone is not detecting the 5.1 package

      • Abdur Rasik

        Disable your Mobile data and check for updates. Otherwise it won’t check the update file in your local folder.

        • Vikas Sahani

          How can we check for updates if we disable mobile data its not possible

          • Abdur Rasik

            It is possible, check it out. If you DONT disable, update will be looked over air NOT locally. This what happened to me. I just put OFF the mobile data and searched for updates in settings –> About phone. It detected the update from the local drive.

          • Vikas Sahani

            Can’t believe it

          • Abdur Rasik

            May be you can try once and give your feed back. It worked for me some how,… Happy. 🙂

  • subz

    i am getting stuck sometimes with just the startig picure showing,,, then i have to restart again…. when the first and second soak test updates were done, there were all the previous apps an games. but now nothing can be seen

  • Er Dharmik Dave

    hey himanshu appreciated ur work bt when i m updating the 13 mb soak test it is dispalying that update unsuccesful..

  • Er Dharmik Dave

    this kind of error is coming

  • Saurabh1997 Saxena

    I have downloaded the 13 mb update and I have pasted it on my SD card and then I checked for updates but it is saying ur software is up to date

    • Er Dharmik Dave

      switch offf ur wifi and then go to update..

  • Er Dharmik Dave

    y its an error himanshu?? update unsucceasful… n m using ur previous blur version and dats y m directly updating the 13 mb versiion bt m getting an error that software update unsuccesssful ive also places the screenshot

  • Ajit

    I am upgraded to Lollipop 5.1 using this thread … thnx Himanshu n thetechnotriad

    • Er Dharmik Dave

      ajit.?? was the first soak test already installed ..?

  • lavanya kumari

    after copying a 13mb file to my sd card,i did the procedure u have e shows your software is up to date.. you need to learn a lot he he

    • Abdur Rasik

      Disable your Mobile data and check for updates. Otherwise it won’t check the update file in your local folder

  • hafiz g

    Can i follow the second method I’m now on cm12.1

  • Ajit kumar

    Hey, I am getting a blank black screen while doing 21.31.36 update. The process got hanged after android is upgrading and app optimization 1 of 23.
    Do help

  • Harshal Chavan

    Hey, I updated Moto E successfully .. but i dont like that i want to downgrade 5.1 to 4.4.4 kitkat so tell me about how to downgrade 5.1 Lollipop to 4.4.4 Kitkat

  • Aditya Sinha

    The 5.1 update is not being detected by my phone. Actually i have System Version 22.27.1 (5.0.2) which was the third update i did of the whole lollipop process. I transferred the 209 MB file in both internal and external memory but no detection shown. Please help!

    • Aditya Sinha

      I tried the sideload fastboot process also, which you proposed in your earlier article (2nd Method), but it stopped at 50%, showing an error.

  • Saurabh1997 Saxena

    Plz help himanshu I have the same problem which aditya have

  • Raj Fzs

    The 5.1 update is not being detected by my phone. Actually i have System Version 22.27.1 (5.0.2) which was the third update i did of the whole lollipop process. I transferred the 209 MB file in both internal and external memory but no detection shown. Please help!

    • Aditya Sinha

      Is it a coincidence that both of us typed the same stuff? These are my words!

  • Arunabha

    Nice article. I’m able to update successfully on my moto E, purchased yesterday only.

    Thanks a ton 🙂

  • Saurabh1997 Saxena

    Plzz help himanshu….

  • Neel

    I have A 5.0.2 Soak Test (22.21.32) Version I Previously Installed From XDA Developers Site.Please Tell Which Soak Test Should I Download!!

  • Umang Gandhi

    Same error is comming, Error while updating 2nd soak test update (13 MB), Says that there is error while updating, And stuck on 22.21.32 only. Please help


      bro my fone got in bootloop after applying this 13 mb update….did did u recover ur fone?
      if yes, den pls help


      Bro Have u recovered ur fone

  • kurjith

    updated to android 5.1 but still looks like 5.0
    then what is the difference

  • Vikas Sahani

    After applying the update my phone version is on 22.27.1.but now my phone is not detecting the 5.1 update package why?

    • Aditya Sinha

      same problem with me also. I think the last update was not needed to update to 5.1. What say admin?

      • Vikas Sahani

        Now how should we update our device to 5.1

        • Aditya Sinha

          I’m guessing we’ll have to downgrade to 4.4.4 and again repeat the above steps. After the second update, we should install the 5.1 update directly. But the downgrade process is a little complicated

          • Vikas Sahani

            Where is the procedure for downgrading

          • Aditya Sinha

            You can always find one on youtube. If you try and succeed, do mention it here also!

  • Kai Carter

    We will get future updates from Motorola. Just confirmed. So if anyone wants to try the soak test , go ahead

  • Kai Carter

    I am unable to play 1080p/720p videos after the update. Anyone else has this problem? i tried different players but all played very very jaggy, in mx player the hw decoder is not supported. i did not face any such issue when i had kitkat. Any help would be appreciated

  • Abhishek Singh

    Hey himanshu! I am a rooted user and running kitkat indian stock rom and twrp 2.8.2 when i pasted the files in sd card as per your tutorial in the recovery nothing is showing up it is all blank .Please Help

  • Chetan Kumar

    Worked like charm!!!!!
    Thank you!!!

  • Suraj

    Thanks a ton for the update… NOneed of the OTA updates now

  • Amit Malpani

    hey how to reboot in recovery mode, i reboot it in recovery mode by pressing the volume button and the phone simply stuck with error as if it fail to detect any boot file from TWRP folder

    • Aditya Sinha

      It’s changed in lollipop the way to go to the recovery mode. Just keep trying all possible combinations with all the three buttons. One would definitely take you there



    • Aditya Sinha

      will you suggest flashing kitkat rom to downgrade or some other method?

      • Saptarshi Das

        do you have bootloader unlocked?

        • Aditya Sinha

          It’s locked… Cause my phone is still under warranty

          • Saptarshi Das

            what is the problem , tell me properly

          • Aditya Sinha

            Well I’ve installed both the 5.0.2 soak tests which are mentioned above. But in addition to it, I also installed a third update and now my system version is 22.27.1. But after coming back here and installing the 5.1 update, it’s showing error, whether using fastboot or by “install from sd card ” option in recovery option. In the system updates, it says that my system is up to date, despite having the 5.1 file in my phone memory. What I’m guessing that because I did the third update, I’m not able to do the 5.1 installation. Is there a way from where I am to get 5.1? Although after the third update (7mb) my battery drainage had reduced greatly and it’s more stable. But I need to update to 5.1. Please device a way for me!

          • Saptarshi Das

            actuallly bro the problem is you did that 7 mb update earlier , this 7mb update should be installed after compliting the 5.1 update , i received that 7mb update too before installing 5.1 , since you have applied that update earlier , for now there is no another way of getting that 5.1 update . you have to downgrade your phone to kitkat

          • Aditya Sinha

            Alright, I’ll need guts to do it but it’s OK. Would you like to recommend me the steps(if only without unlocking boot loader) so that I can downgrade.

          • Saptarshi Das

            why not , its possible


        I strictly suggest u to nt to upgrade to kitkat with bootloader locked else u wil brick ur device.


        I succeded in downgrading

  • Ajay Kumar

    I successfully updated from 4.4.4 to 5.1 lollypop. Thanks very much…

    • ananya

      i just wanna ask that its all happening flawlessly right? because ive seen many comments about hardbrick and bootloop. im running soak test update 1. the 13 mb update is causing problems in other phones as seen in comments.


        I will suggest you to ask clearly from all those who have done it flawlessly because that only 13 mb update simply soft bricked my phone to an extent that I was thinking to see some expert.
        I recovered it somehow after extreme tension and trouble of around 12 hours.
        Good luck!


        Dos who have done successfully must have followed the twrp way suggested as method 2 here .

      • Saptarshi Das

        no problem at all , successfully updated my phone ,

  • Sangeeth Rajendaran

    successfully i have updated to 5.1. but now i have only 100mb internal memory in my phone what should i do now

    • Aditya Sinha

      Either go for a system reset which will give you 1.5 gb free. If not, then try clearing your cache from storage setting.

  • ayush

    I have been running the 5.0.2 but my moto e is not detecting the second soak test 13mb. Pls help

  • prakash

    i got the update by method 1 but
    system update not working and lollipop custom background and home screen not showing

  • Venkatesh King

    Hey there when I updated that 13mb I got easily 22.21.36 but for me the second update 209 mb is showing error while upgrading ( I had already updated the 5.0.2 version 22.21.32)


    Finally updated to 5.1

  • Akhil Kandi

    Bro, do i have to backup the data like contacts and messages? I don’t want to lose them. So i have to Backup the entire data right?


      I don’t think anyone get most relevant info on sms des days due to presence of over the top services nd for contacts there is no need too if u have synced ur contacts with ur google account.
      Gud luck!

  • Thiagarajan

    Successfully updated from kitkat to Lollipop using method 1. Thanks for your effort in maintaining this page. Looks like lollipop is taking around 200mb additional space.

  • Madhu Kiran Devireddy

    Hey guys I received lollipop for my moto e first gen…I declined it by mistake ….will I receive the update again??

    • Surya

      it was an official update OTA from Motorola??


      Yes…if u don’t receive it den run software upgrade option in about fone once again. Try it multiple times nd the update will be displayed.
      If the above method doesn’t help too den do the same as suggested above after restarting ur fone.
      Gud luck!

  • Abdur Rasik

    Does any one of you face any restart problem after upgrading to lollipop 5.1. I am facing this issue. Mobile gets restarted at least 2 times an hour now. After pressing the lock button the display goes off and then mobile gets restarted. :-((( any suggestions??

  • Abdur Rasik

    Also the version of lollipop 5.1 shows 23.26.1!!! :-((


      Don understand why u r depressed with this version as this is the latest version which one can get following the tutorials of this page. Even ur 23.26.1 version must be after 7 mb official update from moto on ur device. Soon u must get another update on ur fone wich wil update ur version to 23.26.2 and hopefully this will end ur restarting problems too.

      Though I am too waiting for 23.26.2 update nd presently on the same version as u r but the only difference is that m not facing any restarting issues.

      I think it was all coz of some issues with the files u had downloaded. Dos files must have been some broken elements which have such woes.

      I suggest u to first match the md5 checksum of the files u downloaded from the md5 checksum of source files to identify the culprit files nd den download dos files once again.

      Downgrade ur phone to kitkat first as suggested above nd den follow the tutorial again to upgrade to lollipop.

      Ur issues wil get resolved for sure.

      Gud luck!

      • Abdur Rasik

        Thanks for your reply.

        Still I am facing the restart issue. This happens very frequently. Anyhow, I should consider downgrading to KITKAT and should load LOLLIPOP freshly. Let me post once everything is alright. Thanks again.

        • ANKUR KUMAR

          Gud luck for the downgrade and for upgrade den.

          • Abdur Rasik

            Hi, I found a post in google that the restart issue is due to a problem in motherboard.
            When I phoned the motorola service center they asked me to come with the flipkart bill. If it is within warranty they would not charge you, else it costs Rs. 800 to change the motherboard. I got it done under warranty and now everything is alright now.

        • Aditya Sinha

          How are you going to downgrade to kitkat? Do tell me also

          • Abdur Rasik

            I found a post in this website itself. Is that okay to follow the post or do you have any successful method to suggest me?

  • Praveen Ravichandran

    Having link for 23.26.2? i am in 23.26.1

  • Prakash Ghimire

    Have tried to update from setting but last time it didnt went beyond 58% and today not crossing 27%. is there any way?


      Discuss a bit hw u did it actually?

  • Shadan Kalam

    Is it necessary to apply soak test before upgrading to 5.1 public release?


      Absolutely yes

  • Ashish Shishodia

    Hi Himanshu, on this page where you have stated the method of updating to lollipop 5.1, in method 1; 4th step the link(here) takes me to an irrelevant page. Kindly correct this, due to this I am unable to proceed.



      It’s nt taking on the irrelevant page on the description on the page u landed up.. The guide is perfectly ok

  • Lalit Saini

    Hi Himanshu..i have a problem in flashing second soak test. When i open software update,it pop up ,new update available and it ask to restart . But when it restart,it automatically opens TWRP recovery, but never install.What should i do.?please help


      I don’t understand why u followed stock method even wen u r a custom user. Just follow the custom method as stated nd u must be on lollipop.

      Gud luck!

  • Rameshbabu

    Hi i am update the software and installed . after complete my mobile restarted . but system updating time error is coming pls anyone resolve the problem


      Pls clarify the following:
      -whether u r a custom or stock user?
      -whether u applied the ryt package following the tutorial strictly?
      -whether u checked the md5 checksum?
      -have u got ur fone in bootloop after error msg?
      -other things wich u think necessary to disclose


  • Shivam

    I have rooted moto e xt1022 cell and uninstalled some unnessecary inbulid apps and now I don’t have back up of them.
    I tried to install lollipop using your method but when I falsh the zip file it shows fail..
    Please give sugesstion…
    I tried installing using twrp recovery file of lollipop of xt1022 but it didn’t happen…
    I tried using coustom ROM but still it didn’t do

  • Raghu Ch

    boss i want to uninstall lollipop update in my moto e phone. any help plzzzzzz

  • Abdur Rasik

    If anyone of you face restart issue, don’t wait. Rush to Motorola service center and get it corrected before the warranty expires free of cost.

  • Santanu Das

    Hello admin earlier i have update lollipop 5.0.2 from your website thanks for that but now i want to update 5.1. I follow your method and copy the file of 13 mb in both of my internal & external storage but then also i can’t update to 22.31.36 system version. while i am updating my device it shows me device is updated. My system version is 22.21.32. plz help me out.

  • Thegrim Reaper

    Hello guys, thank you for this article. I have a question, i updated with first soak test update (342mb) file, post which if i copy the 13mb update it does not detect an update. It first asks for a Wifi connection, once connected it says the device software is up to date. how can i apply the 13mb update and the final update ?

  • SenthilV_Avadi

    While applying the 13 mb update i am getting a
    error msg package expects build finger print of
    your phone as Android/aosp_condor/condor:4.4.4/KTU84

    i updated my phone to android 5.0.2 long ago when motorola released
    the soak version of it. My system version is

    please advise…


    Unsuccessful update!! This is wht my 13 Mb update says after restarting… plz help

  • manju

    hi i have updated my moto e to lollipop 5.1 successfully. can i root my mobile now, anyone suggest me please

    • Ajay

      Did’t you face any lag or problm after upgrading 5.1 in Motoe 1st gen

  • Raghu Reddy

    im stuck on 22.27.1 update then my phone not detect any further update,now im in 5.0.2 version and one more thing iam facing problem is ringtone is not comming only beep sound is comes ..please tel me the solution to us

    • Sri

      1st Install and Update this one, then try to find lollipop 5.1

    • Sri

      update Motorola service update App and then try to search

  • bhoj raj`

    Brother after your soak test update for My moto E XT2210,
    My phone was working properly but one day it’s battery gone down, I put it in charge but it stuck on the Motorola logo and never gone ahead of that. I tried to hardreset phone but it always shows can’t mount
    Like can’t mount cache /cache partition
    I took it to the service center and they say
    Motherboard will have to change.
    If you have a solution plz let me know
    What’s app me

  • Abhishek

    I have successfully updated my device

  • Abhishek

    Thanx to Techno Triad

  • Diganto Datta

    Thank you Techno Triad.. been following ur instructions.. for updates… Got 5.1 update successfully from Carbon Rom (previous OS)…

  • Ravi.pp

    Please help me to upgrade my moto E 1gen to lollipop 5.1 currently its running 5.0.2 (build ver 22.21.32) which I had manually updated last time.

  • Vedant

    I am not getting the system version 22.31.36.I manually updated 1 st soaked test version but my mob. is not showing the update…What to do???

  • v.verma

    successfully upgrated to lollypop but not getting start. anybody help me?

  • Mudassir Ali

    my phone is not getting system update after recovery it takes just a sec and shows installed then nothing… what to do..? where to put tws data?

  • Akshay

    I am currently on the soak test update of lollipop 5.0.2 and the system version 22.21.32 . I am not dealing with any custom rom like cynogenmod but using only stock rom. However, I am using the TWRP recovery and also my device is rooted.
    So, would you please tell me the exact stepwise procedure to upgrade my device to lollipop 5.1 in this particular state of my device described above…?!
    Thanks in advance…!!

  • madan sahu

    can i delete those update zip folders from my mobile memory, after completeing the system update ?

  • Neelaksha Bhardwaj

    twrp package cant be shown in restore mode in twrp recovery…. Somebody Help

    • Pavan

      Again flash ur mobile in twrp recovery

  • Anubhav Agrawal

    Can I download the .zip file from anywhere else?
    This download site is not working for me.
    please fix it and reply fast. please