Yu has already rocked the Indian markets with its Yureka, and now it has introduced the Yuphoria, trying to cover each and every area of the smartphone segment. If you are looking for a guide to root your Yuphoria, then this is a one stop shop to do so.

Note- We are not responsible for any damage caused to your device. However, we will try our best to get your device recovered from any disastrous situations.

This guide consists of 3 sections –

  1. How to unlock Yu Yuphoria’s bootloader.
  2. How to hotboot CWM recovery.
  3. How to root Yu Yuphoria by flashing SuperSU.

Downloads –

Download the rooting kit from here.

Prerequisites –

Before we go into the process, let do make some necessary settings on your Yuphoria.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and go to About Phone.
  3. Scroll down and tap build number 7-10 times until you see a popup stating ‘You are now a developer’.
  4. Press back and now a new section called ‘Developer Options’ will appear in settings. Tap on it and turn on the toggle at the top.
  5. Now scroll down and turn on USB Debugging.
  6. Now make a backup of all your data as the next step will wipe all the data present in the Internal Memory.
  7. Make sure you have 70-80% battery to prevent unexpected failures.

How To Unlock Yu Yuphoria’s Bootloader –

  • Extract the adb_fastboot file in a new folder in your C:/ drive.
  • Power Off your phone.
  • While continuously pressing the Volume Up key, connect your phone to the PC/Laptop via USB cable.
  • You will get a black screen stating ‘Fastboot Mode’ at the middle.
  • As soon as you plug your phone into the PC, windows will start installing drivers all by itself. Please wait for the installation to complete.
  • After the drivers have been installed successfully, go to the folder where you have extracted adb_fastboot file.
  • While pressing the Shift key on your keyboard, right click in the folder and select ‘Open Command Prompt Here’. The command prompt will open up.
  • Now type the following command to check if your device has been detected in the fastboot mode.
    fastboot -i 0x2A96 devices
  • You’ll get an error if the drivers aren’t installed successfully. However, if you don’t get any error, you may proceed to the next step.
  • Now, run the following command to unlock the bootloader.
    fastboot -i 0x2A96 oem unlock
  • Now, run the following command to reboot your device to system.
    fastboot -i 0x2A96 reboot

Now, that you have successfully completed the first step, let’s jump onto the next step.

How To Hotboot CWM Recovery –

  1. Hotbooting is way of temporarily introducing a custom recovery in your recovery partition. As soon as you reboot your device, the custom recovery will be replaced by the stock cyanogen recovery.
  2. Now, since we have to flash supersu zip from a hotbooted recovery, you first need to copy the supersu zip from the rooting kit to the sd card of your phone.
  3. Now, copy the yuphoria-cwm-recovery file from the rooting kit to the folder where you extracted adb_fastboot.
  4. Using the same old method, go to fastboot mode and open command prompt. Now, type the following command.
    fastboot -i 0x2A96 boot yuphoria-cwm-recovery.img
  5. The above command will boot your yuphoria into cwm recovery.

How To Root Yu Yuphoria By Flashing SuperSU –

Now that you are in cwm recovery, to flash SuperSu zip on your device, you need to follow these steps-

  • Select ‘Install zip from sd card’ and navigate to the place where you copied the SuperSU file.
  • Now, select ‘Yes’. It will flash the SuperSU zip on your phone.
  • You should now have root access on your phone. After rooting, it is recommended to install Busybox.
  • Download Busybox installer app from playstore and follow the instructions to install it.

Congratulations, you’ve rooted your Yu Yuphoria! Enjoy!

  • ismailmubarak

    this phone is good and yu have just stepped up the competition as now the rooting comes under the warranty and does not voids it

  • rohan jain

    cant wait for such a amazing phone.

  • rohan jain

    amazing phone , i am using it , its the best under ths range.

  • Mod Arish

    Hi bro i have yuphoria but got an error called”Encryption Unscuucessful”—> RESET PHONE and phone not proceed further only reboot and stuck on YU logo for a long time.

    Please Help for this issue

  • Berlin Stark

    My Yuphoria is stuck at YU logo ..It got a bootloop.I accidentally wiped all data including system..Now its got no OS installed…My phone just boots and stops at YU logo and reboots again and again ..I can’t even reboot to recovery …I can only access fastboot mode…I even tried flashing twrp through fastboot mode.But when turned ON it again stuck at yu logo and keeps on rebooting again and again….Can you please help me to solve this….?

    • goldcrest mwanza

      hi! mr. i think the solution for your problem is to reflash the custom-rom for your devece so as to guarantee it booting up again . think that will help!

  • ankur

    remote unlock device to use this comand while i’m sing this command fastboot -i 0x2A96 boot yuphoria-cwm-recovery.img please let me know what to do?

  • praneeth

    Thanks for the video successfully rooted but can’t connect to wifi it keeps on searching for wifi

  • Vasudev Paralkar


  • Charan Reddy

    an error is appearing when i typed and entered command on twm.img and second time entered it and showing downloading downloading,,,,,…. what should it do

  • bhanu partap singh mankotia

    it always says waiting for the device
    please help

  • What is that 0x2A96, can you please explain? And how to get that code for other devices?

    • Superboyk

      0x2A96 is the ID of the device Yu Yuphoria you have to type that or the command wouldn’t work

  • Tech Rangers

    after I enter recovery image command its shows successfully and my phone doesn’t boot into cwm recovery and my laptop shows usb device malfunctioned. help me asap !

    • Gautam Kenway

      same i with me if u got something to counter it plz tell me too…

  • Gautam Kenway

    when i was triying to hotboot cwm recovery it says “downloading ‘boot.img’…”
    and nothing happens next

    plz reply fast ASAP

    • Rock

      You need to unlock bootloader first by entering command
      fastboot device oem unlock
      Then enter your command

  • Rock Prem

    ‘ome unlock is not allowed’ what can i do……pis help

    • superboyk

      it’s ‘oem unlock’

  • Sushil Dhakal (Sushil Graphics

    my phone is not opening at all..help me asap.

  • devendra yadav

    my phone is connected in fastboot mood but its not unlocking the boot loader ……i am using command- (fastboot -i 0x2A96 oem unlock)……….. and yes… i already cheaked oem option in developer option…
    plz plz plz help me

    • Sooraj Kandathil

      try doing it through a cmd with administrator privilages

    • Rock

      in fastboot mode type fastboot device oem unlock
      Before this check fastboot device option

  • Arbaj Alam

    Same problem why my bootloader is not unlocking while I enabled OEM unlocking in the developer option help me fast reboot command is working but unlocking bootloader cmmnd is not workin

    • Rock

      Install drivers properly

  • Arbaj Alam

    Answer me soon I have new option on developer

  • Vivekananda

    I have rooted successfully but my phones speaker volume went down I can be able to speak using loud speaker..nor mal speaker is very low please help

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  • Anwesh Chary

    My Yuphoria is stuck at YU logo .. i have yuphoria but got an error called”deEncryption Unscuucessful”—> RESET PHONE and phone not proceed further only reboot and stuck on YU logo for a long time..
    Now its got no OS installed…My phone just boots and stops at YU logo only ..
    I can only access fastboot mode…
    Can you please help me to solve this….?