The Redmi Note 3g was already the best bang for your buck under the 10,000 Rs range. But there were a few amount of bugs including the not so good camera quality. Now, with the release of MIUI 6, the few bugs which were there are also crushed. Let’s look into how we can install MIUI 6 on the Redmi Note 3G.

Prerequisites –

  • Make sure that you are running stock version of MIUI. If you don’t know what is meant by stock, then probably you are running stock only.
  • Make sure that you have atleast 60-70% battery left on your phone.

Downloads –

  • Download the MIUI 6 rom for the Redmi Note 3G from here. Note: This rom is the Chinese Developer Version but you can always change the language.

Flashing Instructions –

  1. Copy the downloaded rom to the SD Card of your phone.
  2. Now, open ‘Updater’ app from the homescreen, press the ‘Menu’ button and click on ‘Select Update Package’.
  3. Choose the rom which you’ve copied onto your SD card and select ‘Update Now’.
  4. Note: You don’t need to backup your data as upgrading to MIUI 6 won’t wipe any data on your device.How to update Redmi Note 3G to MIUI 6
  5. The above steps will flash MIUI 6 on your Redmi Note 3G.

Hurray! You’ve got MIUI 6 on your beloved Redmi Note 3G!