Motorola’s budget friendly smartphone, Moto E which has been launched a few hours ago at the e-commerce website Flipkart and has been already out of the Flipkart stocks. Flipkart has already offered some launch day shemes including some free e-books, 50% discount on shells and microSD card but is resulted in no use since the device has been out of stock on the launch day itself.

However, Motorola and Flipkart assures that they do have a plenty of stocks for the initial sale and will not face the crises which they faced during the Moto G. There must have been some shipping issues for Flipkart causing them to show the device ‘out of stocks’. Nonetheless, Flipkart will come back with device soon to hit the market again. And if you missed the Moto E’s specs, check out our initial review of the android device here –