Its finally here, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang dropped in as a special guest to announce NVIDIA’s next high performance video card, the GeForce GTX Titan X.


The GPU underlying GTX Titan X is 8 billion transistors, which similar to the original GTX Titan’s launch means we’re almost certainly looking at Big Maxwell. NVIDIA will be pairing it with 12GB VRAM – indicating a 384-bit memory bus – and it will once again be using NVIDIA’s excellent metal cooler and shroud, originally introduced on the original GTX Titan.


It might have a $1000 asking price but that doesn’t seem to be deterring PC gamers from picking up Nvidia’s GeForce GTX Titan X in vast numbers. As it is currently the fastest single-GPU card on the market, and the need for more graphics power has seen demand outstrip supply throughout Europe.

GTX TITAN X Specs :-

GPU: 28nm GM200-400

CUDA Cores: 307

TMUs: 192 240 224

ROPs: 96

Core clock: 1002 MHz

Boost Clock: 1089 MHz

Memory Clock: 1753 MHz

Memory Bus: 384-bit

Memory: 12GB GDDR5

Bandwidth: 336 GB/s

TDP: 250W

Power Connectors: 1x 6pin; 1x 8pin

Display Outputs: 1x DVI, 1x HDMI, 3x DP


No further details are being provided at this time, and we’re expecting to hear more about it at GTC. Meanwhile Epic’s master engine programmer Tim Sweeney was gifted the first GTX Titan X card, in recognition of NVIDIA and Epic’s long development partnership and the fact that Epic guys are always looking for more powerful video cards to push the envelope on Unreal Engine 4.

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