Congratulations on buying your shiny new Samsung Galaxy S5 — now you may be interested in learning how to make it live up to its full potential.
We have put together a truly terrific list of 10 ways you can make the Galaxy S5 even better and it includes some terrific tips just to improve your device’s performance.

So what are we waiting for..Lets Get Started..!!
1. How to make your own Galaxy S5 wallpaper
You can make any image the background of your phone, within the Gallery/Photos app. To use a photo as the wallpaper, go to the Gallery app, find the photo then tap the three-pip icon at the top-right of the screen.
This will bring up a long sub-menu, in which you’ll find a ‘Set as’ option. Tap this and you’ll see options to set it as your home and lock screen wallpapers. You’ll also have the opportunity to crop the photo.

2. Using gloves with the touchscreen
The Galaxy S5 offers a special high-sensitivity touchscreen mode that lets you use the touchscreen while you’re wearing gloves. Naturally, this makes the phone more sensitive to being operated through other layers of clothing too, so don’t just turn it on unless it’ll be of use.
You’ll find the Increase Touch Sensitivity option in the Display menu of Settings, right down at the bottom of the menu.

3. Hide personal files
Everyone knows that the fingerprint scanner is helpful in unlocking the phone and buying from the Android Store, but not a lot of people know that they can use it to lock personal content? There is a Private Mode button in the settings menu that will allow users to hide sensitive files. Users can choose their pictures, music, videos, and other files. The files they choose will only be accessible with their finger. When private mode is off, the files the user chooses will not appear anywhere. A user can quickly turn Private Mode on and off by dragging two fingers down from the notification bar to open the Quick Settings menu.

4. Quick access to apps with Toolbox
When you activate Toolbox, you will get a floating white circle on your screen. You can tap on it to quickly access up to five favorite apps. You can also drag the circle around. To edit which apps are included here, head into Settings > Toolbox and then tap Edit. Or, you can press and hold on the Toolbox circle, which will bring up an option to edit  the apps displayed.

5. One-handed mode
Being a big phone, one-handed operation can sometimes be an issue with the Galaxy S5. To help with that, head into the main system settings and find One-handed operation under Sound and Display. Once enabled, you can toggle it on with a quick edge gesture—swipe in from the edge of the screen toward the middle and back out again. The screen shrinks down toward the lower right corner, making it easier to reach everything.

6. The Galaxy S5 is not Waterproof
Water proof and water resistant are two very different things. While the IP67 Certification means your phone will be protected from the elements, we don’t suggest you go swimming with the device or purposefully subject it to liquid trauma. The Galaxy S5 does a great job when splished, splashed, submerged, and pummeled with water but sometimes too much is too much and regardless of what insurance you have, water damage is never covered, regardless of the S5′s IP67 rating.

7. Improve Screen Colors & Contrast
Samsung Galaxy S5 has the most beautiful, vibrant screen of any phone on the market. For some people it’s a tad too bright. Samsung offers a few different screen modes that take this type of preference into consideration. Head over to Settings > Display > Screen Mode and choose from Adapt Display, Dynamic, Standard, Professional photo, and Cinema. The latter will likely offer the most realistic and least exaggerated experience but I prefer and recommend “Adapt Display”.

8. Turn on “Do Not Disturb” (Blocking Mode)
Business meetings, church, family dinners, etc… there are times you simply don’t want to be bothered. Samsung makes it easy to avoid distractions with “Blocking Mode” which is essentially the same as a “Do Not Disturb” offered by other manufacturers. Customize the options and you can:
Block incoming calss
Turn off notifications
Turn off alarms and timers
Schedule Blocking Mode for recurring days/times
Allow specific contacts to bypass Blocking Mode

Turn Blocking Mode on just below Easy Mode in the main Settings > Blocking Mode.

9. Use Selective Focus while taking photos
Samsung’s new Selective Focus mode lets you achieve blurred backgrounds that are typically reserved for expensive cameras and DSLRs. The problem is that the settings need to be PERFECT for this mode to work. You’ll need a subject that’s within about 1.5 feet from you and proper lighting. Don’t waste the chance for a good picture by rolling the dice with Selective Focus but if you’ve got time to spare it can be fun to experiment with.

10. Turn on Ultra Power Saving Mode

If this isn’t one of the first things you do when you get a new Galaxy device, it should be. First though, you want to familiarize yourself with the two power saving modes the S5 comes with. Ultra Power Saving Mode is an extreme case, road-trip, long-day, no-power, emergency-situation option that will largely cripple your S5’s functionality in order to drag out lots more battery life. But it is not ideal for everyday use. The regular power saving mode is more reasonable, but you might want to enable background data and perhaps turn off grayscale mode to get the recipe just right for your needs.