As we all know, the indian cellphone company MICROMAX has been pretty lazy & careless when it comes to providing updates to its users, but finally there is a great news for all the Micromax users. Few days back we reported pour readers that Micromax has stopped Android 4.3 development for existing smartphones and that time we predicted that they will directly provide the kitkat update and yes that prediction holds true now. We can say most of the canvas phones will soon receive 4.4.x update on their phone and that a really good news for all those people who were seeking for updates. Micromax Android 4.4 Kitkat update will be available soon.
Android 4.4 kitkat update for Micromax Phones
Lots of our readers got disappointed when they came to know that 4.3 Android update won’t be rolled out for Micromax devices but yes now there faces will be surely cherished with this news.

Also we would like to state one thing that the estimate time of arrival is not known yet but it is confirmed that this update will be available soon. We request all our readers to subscribe to our blog so that they receive all latest updates from our side. The subscription box is present on the right column and do verify your email too.The source for this information is as usual MMXNewsCaster who is well known for leaking Micromax latest updates. The guy always produces leak update and all the time it holds true.

There are a list of smartphones under Canvas series which will receive this update. No news regarding the Bolt smartphones and also the arrival of the update whether it will be via OTA or manually.
For few handsets it is marked that they will receive a 4.4.x kitkat update and for two smartphones (canvas ego and canvas 3D A115) – these two smartphones will receive  4.1.2 update.

List of Micromax Canvas Phones to Get Android 4.4 Kitkat Update

Micromax Canvas Phone Android 4.4 Kitkat Version
Canvas Turbo A250   4.4.x
Canvas Doodle 2 A240 4.4.x
Canvas 4 A210 4.4.x
Canvas A200 4.4.x
Canvas Magnus A117 4.4.x
Canvas HD A116 4.4.x
Canvas HD A116i 4.4.x
Canvas 2 Plus A110Q 4.4.x
Canvas Doodle 4.4.x
Canvas 2.2 A114 4.4.x
Canvas 2 4.4.x
Canvas 3D A115 4.1.2 (JB)
Canvas Ego A113 4.1.2 (JB)