Trials Frontier gives RedLynx’s best-selling and award-winning Trials series its mobile game debut. 
You get to discover a unique social racing game, featuring a compelling storyline, friendly competition, easy-to-use physics-based gameplay, and a massive content stream.
Designed for touch-based platforms, Trials Frontier combines the insanely addictive gameplay of Trials with the mobile knowhow of RedLynx, gained through such releases as DrawRace 2 and MotoHeroz.


Explore, Ride & Create

Trials Frontier boasts a deep metagame, a compelling storyline, and a rich, surprising world of adventure and exploration.
Expand and enrich your village
Explore the extensive world map
Challenge yourself against superb physics gameplay
Discover colorful characters and a quirky storyline
Collect parts to upgrade and customize your bike and rider

Connect & Compete

With Trials Frontier, you can take the Trials competition with you, wherever you go:
Multiplayer: both asynchronous and time-limited global events
Global Leader Boards
Live Community Events
Friend Notifications
Robust content update roadmap

Console Pedigree

Trials Frontier is being created by RedLynx as a worthy successor in the Trials line, with console quality graphics in its own right. It’s also being developed in tandem with next-gen console game Trials Fusion, meaning the two games will connect in the right way.


Here are a couple of screens to introduce the game to you: