The Moto G5 Plus is a device with great potential. But to use this device at its zenith, the rooting process is necessary. The rooting process itself has its own risks. If you landed on this page via a search engine, chances are high that you have bricked your device. Even if you haven’t, and are searching for a tutorial¬†to restore the Moto G5 Plus to stock, this is the right place. This guide will show you how to unbrick the Moto G5 Plus in a safe and sure shot way.


  • Make sure that you have 70-80% battery on your phone.
  • You need a PC and a USB cable to connect the device to the PC.
  • Flashing the stock firmware will wipe all the data present in the internal memory. So, make a backup of that if you can.


This is the required toolkit which you will be needing while performing the steps. Click here




  1. Download and extract the Moto G5 Plus unbrick toolkit from the link given above.
  2. Now, install the Motorola USB drivers from unbrick toolkit.
  3. Connect the Moto G5 Plus to the PC using a USB cable.
  4. Reboot your Moto G5 Plus into Bootloader by pressing “Volume down key+Power button” simultaneously.Now the device will reboot and boot into bootloader and will display “USB Connected”.
  5. Install minimal_adb_fastboot.exe file given in the toolkit.
  6. Now, unrar all the files in the “Moto G5 Plus Stock Firmware.rar” from the toolkit, and paste it at C -> Program Files(x86) -> Minimal ADB and Fastboot.
  7. Now open the minimal adb and fastboot folder and open CMD window by “shift key” + “right mouse -click”.
  8. Open the “commands.txt” from the toolkit.
  9. Copy all the commands from there.
  10. Paste all the commands in the CMD window. The flashing process will start and may take upto 10 minutes. Wait patiently and press Enter after the process is done.
  11. Now close the CMD window.
  12. Now the Moto G5 Plus will reboot and show a “bootloader unlock warning” do not worry it will not bootloop.

Yipee! You have finally unbricked your Moto G5 Plus successfully.

If you have any doubts related to the post feel free to drop them down in the comment section below.